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Cancer Prevention, a Global Purpose

Smiling Cancer Patient Looking at test results

FIFARMA launches the second version of the W.A.I.T. Indicator Survey measuring the waiting time to access innovative drugs in LATAM

Pasquale Frega_LACanIMI President

Universal access to health will only be possible and sustainable if innovation is a key driver

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Líderes del sector salud discutieron acerca de la importancia de soluciones reales e innovadoras en salud


WAIT Indicator: responsible pragmatism in measuring access to new technologies in Latin America


Innovation and Diversity: Two healthy habits for Latin America


Equitable access to cancer care and treatment, a major health challenge in Latin America


La equidad de género ha transformado la salud desde su inicio y ahora nos llama a continuar ampliando esta visión.

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Tendencias en el Surgimiento de Vías de Confiabilidad en América Latina


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