Our Industry

Patients at the center of all our initiatives
Social and economic impact

Pharmaceutical industry contributes to the development of Latin America and the Caribbean

An essential part of our economic and social footprint is the support we provide to make health systems more resilient and make products more widely available, helping people lead healthier and more productive lives. We also contribute to the development of the region with quality jobs in the areas of science, technology, medicine, logistics, among other essential sectors, and services.


These are our priorities

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Innovation Ecosystems

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Health as Investment

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Access to Innovative Medicines

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Support to Regulatory Systems

Our Industry

Industry data and economic impact

The pharmaceutical industry contributes significantly to improving the quality of life of patients in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our members offer concrete and measurable solutions to the health challenges faced in the different countries of the region.

Ethical guidelines

Transparency and ethics

Our commitment as a pharmaceutical industry is focused on contributing to the co-creation of solutions that promote more sustainable health ecosystems and provide greater opportunity for early access to innovative medicines and treatments to improve the lives of millions of patients in Latin America and the Caribbean.

At FIFARMA we are committed to constantly increasing the pharmaceutical industry's contribution to the region.

That is why we will continue to measure the impact that the work of our associate members has on the economy and society, to continue consolidating our position as a benchmark in innovation.

Our vision is that access to health services for patients is not only a fundamental right, but also a cross-cutting issue in the economic and social development of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.