CPP project’s preliminary outcomes and work process in the IX PANDRH Conference, El Salvador

The preliminary outcomes of the mapping survey of PANDRH’s CPP project were presented in the IX PANDRH Conference, held in El Salvador from 24 to 26 of October, 2018. The objectives and phases of the project, as well as the strategy of the project’s coordinators, CECMED/Cuba and FIFARMA, to assure a significant participation of National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) and industry associations in the Region of the Americas were also shared with the participants of the Conference.


The presentation was held in the last day of this important meeting for the Focal Point for the Industry, Dr. Jaime Oliveira, in the Panel “Regulating drugs supply chain and its impact on health systems”. The Panel was moderated by Dr. Murilo Freitas from the Pan-American Health Organization and Dr. Cynthia Luwis, from the Jamaican Health Authority.


The audience of the Panel had the opportunity to know the project’s preliminary outcomes and to understand the steps taken by the project’s coordinators so far to obtain detailed information about CPP-related requirements and practices adopted in the Region of the Americas.


The strategy adopted by CECMED and FIFARMA to promote the project among relevant stakeholders and to encourage NRA & industry associations to participate of the mapping survey, has resulted in a solid database that will allow for a qualified discussion on the current CPP’s requirements and practices in the Region in the next phases of the project.


The figure below shows information about the participation in the CPP’s diagnostic survey until the date of the Conference.

CECMED and FIFARMA are currently working with the information of the database to prepare the CPP mapping report, which will be delivered in the beginning of 2019 to PANDRH’ Steering Committee.


Interested parties may follow the project, consult relevant documentation, including the presentation made in PANDRH Conference, and know the CPP project’s agenda by registering at PAHO’s Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies (PRAIS) and joining PANDRH’s CPP project Community of Practice (http://prais.paho.org/stage/#).